Majestic Water Village Preparation

Majestic Water Village

Architectural Innovation

OASE : Creates oasis in the Uluwatu with abundant water


Style architecture Mies Van Der Rohe, the famous German architecture in 1950, embraced simplicity (simplicity) and respect the natural surroundings.

Experience to Live Near The Water

Color Scheme:

  • Natural color of the wood : Dark and Light Wood
  • Super White
  • Black
  • Blue and Green
  • Other colors as an accent

Water properties

  • Move freely, transparently
  • Cold / cool
  • Swirling, flowing
  • The temperature is regulated
  • Blending colors between grey, brown and blue

Interior Innovation: 5 Senses Experience


Feel and build closeness with nature through design also the surrounding scenery.


Fragrance of flowers and plants on the air circulation in the room.


Gurgling sound of water and the chirping of birds causing background noise


Taste the fruit on the trees around and the food was served.


A touch on the material, plant, water and other elements.

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